Powerscourt Gardens – County Wicklow Ireland

If you won the lottery where would you live Jenny?  I would live right here.  Period.  Powerscourt Gardens was thrust upon me 16 years ago whilst taking a sweet little tour called the “Wild Wicklow Tour.”  I was, as they say, gobsmacked.  Primarily the gardens left me speechless.  I love this area of Ireland, Wicklow.  I find it green and lovely and close to Dublin without being IN Dublin.  It has mountains and bogs, and it is near Glendalough and Laragh a few of my favorite little places.

Have I mentioned the gardens?  I am a sucker for a great garden and this one doesn’t disappoint.  In showing my parents Ireland I thought they would really enjoy this place and so I took them there more than willing to visit the place I loved so long ago.

When you walk in to the gardens either turn left or right and spend two or three hours meandering the loop with a smile plastered on your face.  Bring a picnic to drag the smile out a little longer.  I kept thinking it was going to rain on us, not that it would have mattered, but when you are in Wicklow everything turns out roses.


The iconic view from the pond looking up at the Powerscourt House.


The noble lion keeping watch over the gardens



Why doesn’t my garden look like this?


No large house garden is complete without glorious statues


For my flower loving friends


Japanese Gardens in Ireland




Looking for Rapunzel


Wondering why this horse isn’t a unicorn in such a lovely place. (Photo courtesy of my Dad!)


Keeping watch over the pond




Flower and Bee photo courtesy of my Dad’s awesome photog skills

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