Are we alone?

In honor of Halloween I thought I would repost a few scary, creepy, or unusual posts. Check out Area 51! Do you believe?

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Ever wonder if there is anyone or anything else out there? A great place to test your theory is Area 51 and the lonely stretch of Nevada highway 375 that straddles it. It’s easy to see why the place is shrouded in mystery. Hundreds of miles of lonely highway next to a secret military base. But who am I to judge? We stopped for the worst lunch possible at the Little Alienn coffee shop made famous in the movie Paul. . It was there I bought the mug that would later seriously burn my hand angrily coming out of the microwave. Maybe there is more to this alien thing??

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Magical Carrowmore – Megalithic Cemetery in County Sligo

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It’s Halloween…what better way to celebrate than to post about cemeteries!?  It’s no ordinary cemetery though. Carowmore Megalithic Cemetery is gorgeous and unusual.  It is said that an old Giant flying Irish Hag was collecting boulders to build an enclosure for her animals.  She was flying over Carrowmore when she dropped the boulders out of her apron. Those boulders now dot the landscape that is Carrowmore.  Dolmens, cairns, stone circle tombs are in every direction in every size about thirty in total. One can drive around the surrounding farmland and find dolmens or mounds in yards belonging to local farmers.  In fact, every direction you look a cairn can be seen dotting the Knocknarea and Ballygawley mountaintops as though the megalithic people were type A and felt they needed to overdo it a little! (Respect from one Type A to another friend!)  The monuments are some of the oldest in…

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A different kind of adventure…

If you haven’t noticed I have been quieter lately and not posting terribly often.  I apologize to my faithful readers but am happy to announce exciting changes are happening over here at Bulldog Travels Headquarters…

We are expecting our first human baby, not a bulldog puppy, in six weeks or so which may slow down my travels for a short while.  I can’t wait to immerse our baby boy in travel both locally, in my precious and beautiful Northern California, and all over the world when the time calls.

I hope you will be patient with me while I figure out this new adventure and get my travel schedule back on track.  The idea of sharing all of the places I have been and have yet to experience with a little one is more exciting than any trip I have ever planned to date.

*Does anyone have any advice for traveling with small children?  I have always read posts on this topic from blogs I follow but now it will be taking on new meaning.  🙂

~Happy Travels from Jenny & Eric and Amelia (the Bulldog behind Bulldog Travels!)

Go Cubs!

One of the best things to do when traveling is to take in a local sporting event.  I have been lucky enough to see a game and visit the Wrigley stadium and Wrigleyville a few times now.  And it never gets old!   Chicago is one of the, if not THE, best sport towns in the US.

I wish Chicago and the Cubs the best of luck in overcoming their 104 year dry spell! Wrigley will be out of control and I only wish I was there again experiencing the country’s best sports stadium, surrounded in a sea of blue, cheering on the Cubbies.  This is their year!