Bodega Bay Kortem Trail Update

I am so fortunate to live within a few hours of our magnificent California coast. I have posted on the Bodega Bay Kortum Trail before. But, all these years of visiting and camping, I have never hiked the entire trail. I always wanted to but either wasn’t prepared or didn’t have the time. I finally decided it was time. I had hiked bits and pieces here and there but never the entire 8+ miles. Well, friends, the trail did not disappoint. In fact I could easily argue it is the finest trail in all of California. What? Yes, folks, big talk I know, since the epic Pacific Coast Trail runs nearby. The American River Bike Trail is pretty awesome too. But, 4ish miles each way of reasonably flat trail with sections of the most gorgeous coastline in the world cannot be understated. It is impossible not to be happy on this trail. Bring a snack and some water, clear your mind, and do this. The waves and bird sounds will accompany you. Do this. Right. Now. Start the trail at Wright’s Beach (free parking) and head north to Goat Rock Beach and back. There is one good stretch just before Goat Rock which is a bit strenuous and a good rise in elevation so leave this in the middle of the hike and not at the end. 😉 Your legs will thank you. Cheers!

Wide Open Walls 916 – Eye of the Tiger

My friends, here is an example of when you just cannot get the photo you want. Short of the Incredible Hulk coming over and removing this car it’s the best I could do. Hopefully you can appreciate that the car at least gives you an idea to scale. 😉

I LOVE this mural. It is stunning. I would love to park here every day for work. What an amazing way to freshen up what was likely a boring and blank wall previously. The artist did a wonderful job capturing emotion from this Tiger. Wide Open Walls 916 you continue to amaze me!

For other murals from the festival please click here and let me know your favorites!

Wide Open Walls 916 – Jazz Alley

This mural is large and in charge. The alley may not smell good but the mural is impressive and commands the space. I saw a great photo of the actual saxophonist playing his instrument in front of the mural which is pretty awesome. And its interesting the artist chose to use red and orange poppies since the California Poppy is king in these parts. I can’t help but wonder just how much paint was used to paint this wall black before they even got started on the rest…

Folsom Power House

Thursday Doors with Norm 2.0 gave me inspiration to include some photos from the Folsom Power house in downtown Folsom, California. The powerhouse is a state park and nestles up against one of the most beautiful stretches of the American River and the American River Bike Trail. It never grows old walking over the rainbow bridge even when the air is smoky from fires and unclear. Take a walk/ride down the bike trail and stop for some coffee when you are done at any number of lovely places to eat…

Wide open Walls 916 – Graffiti Off

The Wide Open Walls 916 mural festival in Sacramento was back in mid-September, 2020. This wall off Blumenthal drive hosted a Graffiti-off. (Like a dance off with paint and scaffolding!) Three separate artists hit the wall at the same time. Which one is your favorite? It’s certainly not my favorite art or favorite walls of the festival but it is certainly much better than anything I could do!

Wide Open Walls 916 – Bright Colors at Sac State

Three or four trips to Sacramento State later I finally found this mural with the help of some sweet stranger on Instagram who drew me a map. I was drawn to the bright colors and the pattern. It was a bit surreal though walking through a completely empty campus where most students are studying remote. I used to attend Sac State and it was always covered in people and bikes and noise and chickens/squirrels. This morning it was quiet and cool and isolating. Strange times these are! I love though that Sac State is supporting the Wide Open Walls 916 festival. The energy brought by these walls fits right in with the University environment. I look forward to new walls popping up here in the future.

Wide Open Walls 916 – Dragonflies and Coffee

Old Soul Coffee in downtown Sacramento is participating in the Wide Open Walls 916 festival along with many downtown businesses. Lots of cars and signs were obscuring the wall so I took a few closeups of dragonflies which were my three year old son’s favorites. (He loves bugs right now much to his mother’s chagrin.) Put down your fly swatters these dragonflies are here to stay.